1) Do not give any impacts on the machine.


2) Do not keep and operate the machine at a place with high

temperature and humidity.(Keep and operate the machine away

from direct sun and rain.)


3) Be cautious to prevent a foreign object that may obstruct running of

the machine, such as a clip and a rubber band, from entering

the machine.


4) Use the standard power cord and power source as specified.


5) When turning on the power and turning it off immediately, it’s better to wait for about three seconds and then turn it on again.This can avoid making trouble on the power source.


6) Be sure to adjust the Hopper Guide before starting counting notes.

Please put notes at the middle of the Hopper.

(Hopper Guide - a pair of wings that limit the width of notes for

the Hopper)


7) To avoid unnecessary errors, adjust the gap properly before

starting counting.


8) For accurate counting, operate the machine after fully

understanding how to set up the Level.

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